The Server

Our server is a decommissioned HP DL380p G8. A Proxmox runs on it for administration. Basically, all Meute members can get access to create their own VMs.



only 2.5 inch-HDDs/SSDs

port Serial number state installion
1 x x x
2 x x x
3 x x x
4 x x x
5 x x x
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x


port connected with used as
p0 Switch uplink
p1 Switch uplink
p2 - -
p3 - -


VM-Name production description
testVM no windows 11


Container-Name type production description
DHCP lxc yes DHCP-Server for local network
VPN lxc yes VPN-Server to get into the network
LDAP lxc no beta phase
STATUS lxc yes
sharelatex docker stack yes Share-Latex for Bachelor/Masterthesis
portainer docker yes Docker-Mgmt
cadvisor docker yes Monitoring